I have been in the field of improving organisations for more than 30 years and witnessed significant improvements in organisations.

I believe in the more participatory practices that exist today as well as in the importance for managers to be leaders of their organisations at the strategic level. I am hopeful and confident we are heading in the right direction.

My origins are in customer service, adult education, management of training and of organisation development teams. More than 20 years ago, I created Jean Fuller, Work Design Inc. I have built my consulting practice on Socio-Technical and Viable systems design, on adult education/coaching practices and on a variety of change management approaches (appreciative inquiry, open space technology, world café, …)

I have been successful at conducting several joint union/management organisational improvement projects.
My university education is in the field of Sociology (Concordia University, Montreal, Canada) and Organisation Development (Pepperdine University, USA). I am fluently bilingual in English and French.

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