Organisations Development

Relationships at work are often at risk in the dynamic work and business environments we work and live in. Ultimately, relationships are affected by market conditions and information technology but also by management practices, organisation culture, peoples’ aspirations and attitudes towards work. In today’s society, people very often want a balanced work life while seeking challenge and learning opportunities. We use methodologies that help people be meaningful, productive contributors that are aligned with their personal and career aspirations.

Examples of projects carried out:

  • Change management
  • Training and the application of learnings on the job
  • Strategic contributions of managers
  • Performance management
  • Assessment of management potential
  • Management Development and self assessment
  • 360 feedback
  • Climate Surveys
  • Team Building
  • Career coaching
  • Human resource planning
  • Design/facilitation of large/small group (dialogic) events (Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space, World Café…)

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